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Welcome to SMS2Printer
The SMS2 Printer is a neat piece of technology, which is both cheap and simple to use and can boost the efficiency of your business, by distributing printable messages.


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The SMS Printer is a small, portable, standalone device for receiving and printing messages sent to it. The unit works with most network providers and can be supplied in many different configurations.

SMS 2 printer devices can receive SMS messages from Mobile Phones and Computers

Standard SMS2Printer Mode
The SMS2Printer configuration has been developed for receiving and printing SMS messages sent directly to the number of the SIM in the printer.

Advanced Web2Printer Mode
The Web2Printer configuration has been developed for receiving and printing webform data sent directly from your own website to the printer. No special software is required and the interface to your website is very simple to use.

Advanced Email2Printer Mode
The Email2Printer configuration has been developed for receiving and printing emails sent from any email address to the printer. No special software is required, you simply send the email to the printers address.

With all these options the printer is suitable for practically any situation where messages need to be printed easily at a remote location. Some examples include: restaurants to receive orders, taxis to recieve instructions on new pickups and delivery drivers to receive address details.

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